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Mercedes-Benz SL-Class spied with whole body in view

The next-gen Mercedes SL has been kept behind closed doors somewhat effectively so far. Mercedes has confirmed the model is under development, but it’s not saying much more. This is our second look at it with the production body. It’s also a far better look than before, because we can see the whole car in profile.

Mercedes is keeping the front end flat, upright and short. There’s plenty of space for an AMG

grille to sit between the headlights, too, as AMG is reportedly developing the SL. A long hood stretches out in front of a short windshield. It looks a bit shorter than the long hood of an AMG GT, but it's close. We’re able to confirm the switch to a soft top, as the tester in the previous shots and in this one have ditched the power hardtop. Some fairly aggressive sculpting along the sides is visible through the camouflage, and this tester appears to have retracting door handles. The SL is shaping up to be a handsome car so far in that it’s both sporty and elegant.

From the side angle, we can get a decent look at the upturned rear trunk and large lip spoiler. It looks a bit crude now, so don’t expect to see the same in production. The trunk lid is popped wide open in one of the shots. There won’t be an abundance of space, but Mercedes will certainly make it usable as a grand tourer for a few bags of luggage. We’re digging the rounded rear end that strongly reminds us of the AMG GT’s rear bumper. It also has a fairly aggressive-looking quad exhaust poking through the camouflage. The appearance is reminiscent of other AMG products.

Watch out for tons of horsepower when this convertible finally lands. We hope to see it sometime in 2021.

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